The Making of Church Embroidery – The Hands Behind Magnificent Artwork

Regardless of the type of Religion, you will have noticed the great embroidery art in the miniter’s clothing or up at the altar or even the church. Let’s take a peek at how this great embroidery work has been done.

What motivates the people (who happen to be nuns) behind this great embroidery work? Have they used the best embroidery machines or have they completed great art by hand?

Church embroidery, how is it made?

The embroidery work requires a great amount of labor and dedication. Not to mention the skills of these sisters. Many individuals take part in the creation of a great art work which entails the use of technology and outstanding skills. One of the known places where church embroidery takes place is at the embroidery workshop of the St. Alexander Nevsky New Tikhon Convent in Ekaterinburg, Russia where skilled sisters take part in the creation of such great art.

It all starts with a concept. Each and every vestment, epitaphion, or any type of other project is a smaller representation of the religious world. Therefore, all the specifics must be selected very carefully. The sisters take a look at a variety of designs, icons, and even ornaments that can be used to make the piece of art.

They work to create drafts on separate pieces and then piece together all the drafts for an overall view. Sophisticated artistic preference is required for this embroidery work, understanding of the Church tradition, and also the potential to comprehend and differentiate various styles of any given period. Oftentimes a pencil design is sketched at the start of the project. Each and every sketch is evaluated by an expert, usually are also sisters of the iconographic workshop. Their particular suggestions is essential to the people doing the embroidery work.

Following the tonal judgement, the sisters work on the color draft. Special skill is required to be able to accomplish the draft, that is the skill to choose colors that balance together. When an accurate sketch of the project with a full manifestation of all details has been created in the normal dimension, it must be “embroidered” for the computer, to digitize the work for the embroidery machine.

Hand Embroidery

The complex process of embroidering all these pieces for the church requires precision and the sisters behind the work are skilled enough to create other forms of artwork to better the interior of the church. You can check out their artwork at Orthodox Christianity website.