Expected Behavior in Religious Social Gatherings

Our society is governed by various religious culture that have common teachings one way or the other. While religion is a continues subject for debate and argument, many of us thought that religions has one common goal, that is to lead a person into the right path of righteous living. You may agree with me or not, in any way, this is an opinion based on my own observation.

And while all religious organizations hold some kind of weekly gatherings, we all know that it is important to respect each religion’s beliefs. As part of respect, we are all expected to listen when invited to any of these gatherings so we are expected to turn off any devices that may disturb any ceremony. The use of headphones can even be “prohibited” or can be a sign of disrespectfulness in some ways. Even Pokemon Go can enrage some religious groups.

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25 Etiquette Rules You Should Know And Follow

Here are some points to remember when in any of these religious social gatherings

1. Respect their culture. This means keeping your observations to yourself. If you have observed that they follow a strict dress code, then you might as well follow as well and avoid uncalled criticisms.

2. Debate is nice but it is better to just let it go. All of us have different ideologies and principles. Your ideology can be applicable to one but not applicable on the other. So if faced with a topic that completely goes against your ideology or your principle, just let it go. This could spark unwanted fire in a social gathering and you will not want that to happen at all.

3. Eat, drink, and laugh. It is proper etiquette to accept an offer or respectfully decline an offer. If offered to eat, drink, and laugh together, it will not hurt to do so. If what is offered is something that you really do not eat, like if you are a vegetarian and offered pork, you can sublty decline the offer.

There’s more to this topic, but I think these three pointers can top and generalize everything. It all boils down to right manners and right conduct in any social occassion.