Video Mission

Can you define what God is? – The term ‘God’ can mean pretty much anything, are based on the individual who you ask with respect to their culture, history and personal views, then it may be possible to state whether in that specific meaning God exists or not. Unfortunately, some folks use the word ‘God’ a lot without knowing what it really means to them, and they then expect other people to understand them. Worse yet, lots of individuals just regurgitate what they heard from others without doing any thinking of their own.

The question is why does God exist? The world is out there – even if we bang our heads against a wall quite difficult. In a sense, we create a vision of God the very moment we give at least some significance to this three-letter combination.

It’s always possible to define God as something which clearly exists, so it is better to settle on a definition that we can put to use when attempting to relate our experiences to other people. Maybe the easiest, but still useful definition would be to say: “God is all.” Unless you engage in an extremely philosophical debate, it’s clear to most people that ‘what’ does really exist.