Traditional Christian Wedding Activities

A traditional Christian marriage not only celebrates the union between two individuals, but is also regarded as a sacred sacrament from the Christian faith. The service generally follows a particular format and takes place before the couple’s friends and relatives in the presence of a priest or minister. Most Christian weddings occur in a church or religious building, but it is not unusual for some couples to decide on an outdoor setting at an official gathering place.

Christian Wedding

The Wedding Vows

All Christian ceremonies include the exchange of marriage vows where the wedding couple state and affirm their commitment to one another. The vows can be conventional or scripted, but frequently the wedding couple write their own vows and keep them secret until this point in the service.

Ahead of the Bridal procession starts, the Groom, Best Man, and Groomsmen stand in front of the altar along with the officiating priest. This is generally a sign that the Bridal procession is about to start so guests stand up and look to the rear of the church in anticipation of the Bride’s arrival. A processionary march is usually played along with the

The exchange of rings is usually performed either through the vows or immediately after the vows. The Best Man holds on to the rings until this point in the service and then moves them to the priest. The rings are occasionally blessed by the priest and then handed to the groom and bride.

Candle Lighting

The Bride and Groom then light their candles from the household candles and then both simultaneously light a third candle that’s put between both family candles. This means the joining of two families through the union of the Bride and Groom.

Significant family members are often escorted down the aisle to their seats by one of the groomsmen. The Best Man and Groom are frequently in a private room or secluded area and it is the Best Person’s job to try to keep the Groom calm and reassured.

The procession could consist of flower girls, and ring bearers that are typically children of close relatives or young siblings of the bride or groom. Following these are the Bridesmaids and finally the Bride who’s usually escorted down the aisle with her father or other close relative. Usually, the flowers girls, the bridesmaids, and the bride hold their own flower boquets made by a Dubai florist. When the procession reaches the front of the church, the Bridesmaids lineup opposite the Groomsmen and the individual escorting the Bride down the aisle shakes hands with the Groom to signify their acceptance of the marriage and is traditionally viewed a “giving the bride away”.