Pokemon Go – A Phenomenon That Could Have Outraged Some Religious Groups

As Pokemon Go has grown into popularity especially with the new Pokemon Platinum Rom, more and more issues are rising from the effects of the game to the player’s health, and quite recently to various religion.

Pokemon’s likelihood of precipitating the conclusion of the world continues to be starkly pointed out. Major religious organizations are starting to take a stand on the game that involves adults roaming the world in search of non-existing entities.

Pokemon Go banned in some religious areas

News reported that Saudi clerics voted in opposition to the game, repeating a preceding a ruling in opposition to the Pokemon trends. The decree in 2001 stated that the game, Pokemon dishonored Islamic rules, because of notations to evolution as well as the usage of numerous spiritual emblems. At the same time, Kuwait cautioned gamers not to quest for Pokemon inside mosques, departmental stores as well as oil installations.

Saudi Clerics Renew Fatwa Against Pokemon

The Roman Catholic Church is more civilized on the Pokemon phenomenon. As outlined by Rome Reports, gamers had been merrily checking Pokemon throughout the Vatican, spotting a few Pokemon around the St Peter’s Square fountains.

To date, there had been no reports from other major religious groups on Pokemon Go. Nevertheless, in the event the monster-catching online game does appear to be an indication of the World’s conclusion, at the very least, you may get an insurance towards a few of your key Poke dangers.

Pokemon Go and Insurance

A UK device insurance company introduced “Pokedex” insurance coverage, commencing a little over a pound per month, obviously a crucial coverage for just about any devoted Pokemon trainer. Pokedex is basically insuring just your mobile phone. So bottomline, you are technically insuring your mobile phone, in the event you drop it while searching virtual monsters, or, possibly having your phone nicked at an unlikely place and time.

Free accident insurance provided to gamers of Pokemon had been introduced in Russian insurance company. The policy is however not clear on whether the insurance will cover the gamers who may hurt themselves on the process of hunting Pokemon monsters.