Japanese New Year: A Mix of Religion and Food

The most important holiday in Japanese society is kept in the Years Day. This day is celebrated with a combination of food and religion in the New Year. As a side note, speaking of japanese and food, try out https://www.shis.it/ristorante-giapponese-udineĀ if you’re hungry for some japanese food. Many companies closes during this 3 day vacation and several families utilize this opportunity to go to the graves of their ancestors.

Many families traveling to famous hot spring hotels and take the opportunity to relax with their loved ones. One of the things that I found most interesting was that the preparation of Osechi, which is a conventional meal created by house wives prior to the holiday so they don’t need to prepare meals throughout their holiday.

Japanese Osechi traditional consists of vegetable and seafood dishes each with their own unique meaning celebrating the New Year.

The convention of Osechi started throughout the Heian Era from 794-1184 and remains a huge part of Western New Year traditions. Osechi is not prepared for flavor, but tradition as each portion of the meal is meant to offer special attributes. The sorts of Osechi dishes eaten in Japanese homes vary from prefecture to prefecture.

Buddhist Religion also plays a massive part in Japans party of the New Year due to the fact that many families enter the shines to provide prayers and toss money for luck during the New Year.

How Japanese really celebrate New Year~

Travelers from all around the world are sure to relish the Japanese variation of New Years Day.