Injecting Innovation into Religion- Communicate, Teach, and Preach

Text messages would be the ideal means to keep teams and staff current on meetings. The beauty of text messaging is that it is instantaneous. Folks typically read text messages minutes once they receive them. With text messaging, large groups of volunteers can be given directions or stored up to date. Whether in the field or in the home, text messages are fast and effective.

praise and worship

Staying connected and communication is something every church wants to do well. Communication is a basic requirement for real community.

In terms of cellular communication, data claim that the ordinary cell phone subscriber actually made and obtained much more text messages than cell phone calls. Like bulk sms in nigeria, text messages will be the best way to send brief messages that are instantaneous messages to large numbers of people.

Church text messaging are the perfect platform for getting outside prayer requests to some whole congregation. You can send out last-minute or simple prayer asks to large numbers of individuals in a matter of moments. Text messages could be used for this type of interaction as well.

Bullet points could be texted to the whole congregation and they’d all have a private digital copy of the sermon’s take-home thoughts. They are sent out either before, during or after the ceremony. Church text messaging may also take advantage of the instant communication by sending a daily or weekly Bible verse to the congregant’s cell phones.