How to Choose Songs for Worship


God is the author of music and audio is one of the many ways that God connects to His people. This is through singing when people started to respond to how the Lord has been good to them. And it is the use of every worship leaders to bring individuals into authentic worship: worship in spirit and in truth.

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There are four types of tunes in a lineup: the preparatory song, fast songs, love songs, and familiarity or higher worship songs. Preparatory songs, from the root word’prepare’, are tunes sung in the first part of the support to prepare or make the people ready in entering the presence of God. Quick songs are upbeat and joyful songs which make the people clap and dance before the Lord. Enjoy songs are slow songs written as a testimony of the goodness, kindness, love, faithfulness and also the numerous traits of the Lord.


What is the message that God wants to take care of His people? When it’s God’s love or goodness, repentance or religious battle, each song has to support the theme to help the people know what God wants to talk to them.

It is also possible to ask the subject from the pastor on the message so that it will match the theme of the line up. Preparatory song could be excluded from this.

Key Progression

Can there be a smooth shift in changing from a song to another? If you begin at the key of E to the fast tunes, the next song could be in the key of E too, and then the love song can be in the key of F progressing to G to the high worship tunes.

The reversal of important impacts the shift in climate while we snore. It can either uplift the spirit or can make the weight feels heavier.

The Congregation

What age groups are singing the tunes? In case you have a small church and most of people are adults, sing-able tunes rather than too fast songs are preferred and you may also add some hymnal songs to your lineup.


Exactly how many minutes are meant for the tunes? Submission to spiritual leadership is equally as important as entry to God because God teaches us to follow them. Submit means agree to, give in, return, or surrender.

Choosing songs on the lineup whenever there’s a gathering is vital, but it needs time and preparation, which is sometimes accomplished through personal worship and dedication.