The uniqueness of Buddhism – The principal distinctions separate Buddhism from the other religions. These gaps on the surface can appear daunting to belief and faith-based religions, but the truth is the practices and attitudes which result from them cultivate peace and contentment among practitioners of Buddhism.

No self, no soul – After practicing meditation and exploring for myself how my mind worked, I started to understand the mind and the way it constructed an ego, and a soul by the way that’s merely an extension of self.

Impermanence – from the world is in flux, uncontrollable. Everything changes not or whether we need it to change. When this is accepted and understood by one’s own investigations into life, the inclination to doggedly hang – to anything – is diminished and an ease of life is experienced within the context of being accountable for one’s life.

Suffering – born to be human life insures suffering, A human birth is a bit of both pleasure and suffering. This understanding it’s normal to endure alleviates the pressure of feeling that one has to be happy all the time – or something isn’t right.

MEDITATION – The Buddha took this a step further and suggested that without accompanying wisdom and investigation in the deeper aspects of life.

Buddhism is a religion. Buddhists do not work on others, that’s trying to convince other people to become Buddhists. Buddhists feel that until they could attain a small amount of sanity as human beings, any attempts to convert others will only create additional havoc within an already mad world!