Chiesa di San Cristo

How long should we wait? – I feel that among the components that are used to battle religion is an unanswered prayer. A lot of individuals have their faith shaken because of what they think is God’s failure to answer their prayer. People are taught that God’s answer to the believer’s request is granted or denied.  But the truth is God you can’t hear  God may be saying “Wait.” What if God doesn’t answer our prayer and we continue assuming it’ll be fulfilled sometime afterward. The more we wait the more frustrated we become and the threat of shaken faith syndrome raises its ugly head.

Satan sees the chance to inject a virus into our religion when he sees us unable to get our prayers answered. Satan loves to present ideas that question the integrity of God’s Word. He’ll emphasize Scriptures that claim certain results that are determined by the Believer’s faith. He’ll then repudiate the exact verses if no signs of its fulfillment are displayed. He’ll challenge the Believer’s religion or understanding as to the intent of this Word. The more the Christian waits for the response, the thinner his foundational faith could become.

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