Ask, Act, Wait, and Believe- God is with You All the Way

What’s your aim in life? Do you wish to be successful at your place of employment, are you thinking of starting your own business, do you need a part-time job from house to help you make extra income? Whatever you would like to set out on, asking wisdom from God is the first strategy.

You can certainly do it if you’re willing and won’t give it until you get to your destination. If you ask powerful people how they achieved their success, they will surely tell you the hard work, perseverance, determination and a positive attitude was never a missing ingredient in their recipe.

God gives wisdom to anyone who requests him and he provides it liberally to anyone without reproach.

Wisdom is strong because it makes it possible to make wise decisions and also give you thoughts in your field of endeavor and that’s the reason the bible says that wisdom is the key thing.

God is all knowing and he will teach you everything, so you do not ever have to believe that you’re alone.

Once you ask God for knowledge, then you need to learn to follow his leading and leadership and surround yourself with trustworthy and positive people that will inspire you to greatness. Remember you will need determination, tenacity, and diligence and can do attitude to help you achieve your goal. Be a risk taker, get out of your comfort zone, don’t be afraid of failing, stick with your strategy just like a postage stamp you can read more at , and stick to one thing till you get to your destination. Success isn’t achieved overnight; it’s doing the right thing everyday without giving up and learning from our mistakes combined with making great decisions.